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“We believe in making an impact, as our clients reach success while playing a meaningful role in people's lives. That’s our mission.”

LYZA is an Innovative Global Digital Agency. We focus on the actual strategy and then use the right tools to achieve the objectives set, not the other way around. Once the business goals of our clients have been fully understood, we make use of our 4 focus areas, Strategy, Design, Development, and Marketing, to create a plan for digital and, if needed, for offline too, to reach the objectives set.



User + Market Research | Competitive Analysis | Brand Strategy | Plan

We work on the entire Strategy and Competitive Analysis for our Clients: we study customers, the target markets, we identify the main competitors, both offline and online, and we analyse their positioning on the market, their strenghts and weaknesses. After a careful and thorough analysis of the user's behaviours and of the market trends, we develop cross-channel strategies that are exciting and realistic to follow. We also build buyer personas to identify the ideal client in practice.


Branding and Advertising | Visual Design | UI / UX | Content Strategy and Development

A strong and recognizable brand is one of the most valuable assets that a company can own. Our aim is to help the client in building and managing its brand architecture and identity, so to represent the company's identity and its values, at best. Our works also include mockup design, the style guide, illustrations, animations, UI / UX (for creating the perfect user experience possible, optimized for time of use, conversions, etc.). We work closely with our clients to develop a content strategy that can define all the aspects of the content that is part of online and offline initiatives; this includes editorial plans, photographic content, graphical production, copywriting, etc.


Web Development | Customized web solutions | Third Party Integration | Mobile Applications

We understand the challenges of web project implementations and development, and we are able to help the client in reaching the objectives set, balancing technologies and designing an effective UX (User Experience). We create projects using open-source CMS technologies (Content Management Systems), more effective, cheaper and better lasting; in every moment, the data can be easily modified / added / deleted. This include landing pages, corporate websites for SMEs and major corporations, e-commerce.
We also develop custom solutions for special and more complex needs, both directly customizing the CMS, or starting from scratch, based on the customer's needs. In addition to completely responsive websites, and so optimized for working on all devices, we understand the need to develop native applications for iOS and Android. Our services range from development, to launch and marketing.


Copywriting | Local SEO + ADS | SEO Audit | SEO (+ copywriting) | SEM Setup | Management | Social Media Management + ADS | Chatbot Implementation | Email & CRM | Whatsapp & SMS | Analytics

Starting from the marketing strategy, we set the goals and then use the according tools to reach them. We are able to handle big projects that include copywriting (whether it’s persuasive copywriting, SEO-focused copywriting, blog posts, email newsletters, etc.), Local SEO and ADS (extremely important for local businesses, since they need to attract a very specific target: customers that are near them and are actively searching for the services / products they offer), SEO Audit and optimization (building an optimal website is not sufficient: it has to be found on Google for specific keywords, in order to increase targeted and profiled traffic to the website),
SEM Setup and Management (to obtain almost immediate conversions - sales, leads, etc.- an SEM strategy is necessary: ads on Google AdWords, like text ads, graphical ads on Display network, etc.), Social Media Management and ADS (creating editorial calendars, optimize engagement, create viral campaigns, sell more, etc.), Chatbot Implementation (online chatbots save time and efforts by automating customer support; chatbots fuel conversions and enhance social experiences, but they also provide the assistance or access to information quickly and efficiently, saving time and money to the company), Email Marketing (we use the email channel to reach users with particular communications, like offers, newsletter sequences, followups, etc.), WhatsApp and SMS (in addition to emails, we use more direct channels for communication, like sms or Whatsapp, that have higher engagement rates in respect to emails). We always include analytical reports every 3 months or annually, with all the data and the results that have been reached, in a clear way.


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